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FTC Team #4508

> Promotional Video

We made a video to promote FIRST and FTC, and have distributed it to schools and to the public. We have also posted this video on YouTube, and have recieved over 150 views so far. This video shows the students of the schools and public what FIRST is like-both FTC and FLL. Our hope is to inspire kids, students, parents, and teachers to start FIRST teams. If we encourage kids to start a team, we are willing to guide those teams on a good track to learning.

Why Do a Video?

We have created this video in order to dispel myths About robotics. You don't need to be a geeky guy glued to a computer screen, or to understand endless techno-babble. Robotics is for anyone who enjoys science and technology.

This video is also designed to answer questions people may have about robotics. We talked to friends to figure out what kids wanted to learn about robotics, and created a list of commonly-asked questions. Each team member answered the questions and explained their role on the robotics team in the form of a short interview.

What's Next?

Now that the video has been released both online and in schools, we are scheduling times to demonstrate our robot live wherever we can.