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FTC Team #4508

> Fundraising

Need work? We are still asking for yard and moving work so that we can raise more money. If you need some help, call us!

Past Fundraisers

We are incredibly greatful for a generous grant given to us by Rockwell Collins. Thank you!

We have fundraised $927 by doing yard and moving work. We have done 8+ jobs and used the opportunity to share FIRST with those who hired us. We have posted flyers that explain who we are, who is FIRST, and how can they help.

We have also ran a successful mailing campaign to raise money from local businesses. We contacted nine companies and friends from South Washington and North Oregon. In our letters, we highlighted the power of FIRST and how it has helped young adults get a hands-on robotics experience. We followed up with what makes our team special, our strengths, history with FLL and FTC, and our life goals-most of which are partly inspired by FTC. All of the contacts were intrigued and eager to hear about what FIRST had to offer the youth of our states. Some of them gave us support by giving us money. Those who didn’t were excited to learn about FTC. From our contacts, we raised a total of $375. We also have interested several people in FIRST.

We ran a booth at the Salem Art Festival, running both funds and awareness for FIRST